Murthy Immigration Services, Pvt. Ltd., in Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai, India have been established to provide comprehensive and convenient service to our clients and prospects, seeking help with U.S. immigration services worldwide.

Murthy Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd. is able to clarify and provide assistance with the visa application process, guiding individuals and companies through the complex and ever-changing procedures from the collection of documents, through preparing employees and other individuals for consular interviews, and in obtaining the visa from the U.S. Consulate in South Asia.

Attorney Senthil Kumar is the Managing Attorney of Murthy Immigration Services, Pvt. Ltd. in India. He has vast experience with consular procedures and visa issues relating to the entire spectrum of non-immigrant and immigrant visas to the U.S. He works closely with U.S. attorneys, at the Murthy Law Firm, U.S., on an, as needed basis. To view the profile of all our Attorneys, please visit here.

Attorney Visit to Mumbai

Attorneys visit the Mumbai office once every month. Persons interested in meeting the Attorney at Mumbai are requested to contact us on info@murthyindia.com to schedule an appointment. More information is available here.

The next Attorney visit to the Mumbai office is scheduled for August, 2014. Kindly contact us for further details.

Attorney Visit to Hyderabad

Attorneys visit the Hyderabad office on the third Friday of each month. Persons interested in meeting the Attorney at Hyderabad are requested to contact us by eMailing to info@murthyindia.com to schedule an appointment.

Since the third Friday in August is a Government Holiday, the next Attorney visit to the Hyderabad office is scheduled for Thursday, August 14, 2014.

Areas We Can Help With

Nonimmigrants apply to go to the U.S. on a temporary basis on either a B-1 Visa for business (eg. attending conferences, business meetings) or on a B-2 Visa for pleasure (e.g. tourism, visit friends or relatives).

The F-1 Visa (Academic Student) allows one to enter the U.S. as a full-time student at an accredited (U.S. Govt approved) college or university. The student must be enrolled in a program or course of study which culminates in a degree, diploma, or certificate.

Temporary workers (H and L Visas) can work in the U.S. after a petition is submitted by the employer-to-be in the United States and is approved by the USCIS. H1B Visas (for Specialty Occupations) are given college-educated professionals (e.g. software programmers).

Clients are Saying...

  • When I needed help with the direct consular filing for an Immigrant Visa, the first and the only immigration services firm that I was recommended from the time I decided to file my immigrant visa petition was Murthy. Several people in the know were unanimous in their appreciation of Murthy’s subject matter expertise and client handling skills, essentially their long proven track record.

    From August 2013 which is when I met the attorney assigned to my case, till February 2014 when the process was successfully completed, I have personally benefited from her/Firm’s deep understanding of immigration requirements and the excellent manner in which they handled various stages/issues/potential risks and case specific nuances. The communication was professional at all times and the advise provided was from multiple important perspectives.

    I would happily recommend Murthy Immigration Services India Pvt Ltd to anyone looking to wade through the complicated world of US immigration.


  • We are very thankful to the Attorney and our client contact manager for their hard work and support in our H4 Visa, We had little to no hope of getting our Visa, before talking to them. We believed that the Attorneys have expert knowledge regarding intricate details of the US immigration law and to help us get our Visa. They were always available for all quick questions. They were very detail oriented and completely professional and responsible. We are so grateful to for all the advice and support throughout the documentation procedure. They were very proactive and prompt in mailing me back and forth during the entire procedure.

    They helped us get our visa in a quick span of time. Thanks to their documentation and educating on Visa interview process. The visa interview was an easy piece of cake for us, with their guidance. Your service provided confidence that we have done the best and have prepared whatever could be done from our side. We are very thankful to you, as we have got our visa on time. Thanking you for all your support. Working with Murthy India immigration firm was a pleasant and delightful experience. We strongly recommend Murthy Immigration Services India Private limited.

    Thank you & God Bless you All!

    Prabhu, Eunice

  • Attorney was very confident that he can handle the H1-B case and he did it very efficiently. He has good view and knowledge of the possible outcomes of a case, so you know what to expect.You will feel strong with the most experienced,responsive and knowledgeable attorneys at Murthy Immigration. Thank you for Everything!


  • Thank you very much for your guidance and service in assisting my mother for getting her B2 Visa. You and your training team took extra care and effort to educate my mother with regards to B2 visa processing, and also how to answer some critical questions truly and accurately. Your continued training and guidance boosted my mother’s confidence that she was able to answer all questions boldly without any struggle to Visa officer. I would also thank you for assisting me to get all required documents for visa processing and booking the appointment in timely manner.

    I really appreciate the service provided by your team and I would definitely recommend your law firm to my friends and family members.

    Chicago, IL

  • I would like to thank the Attorney and Client Manager for their extremely efficient service in my B2 case. Due to the nature of my case, I was a bit apprehensive in scheduling the interview, but they went through all possible questions and honest and clear answers with me and really calmed my nerves. Your firm is great at what they do, and no wonder they have such a high success rate! My best wishes to Murthy India, and I truly hope their success rate goes even higher!
    Thanks a lot!


  • Thank you so much for helping us on this, we just don’t have words to express the happiness that you brought us with your great service.

    And definitely I would highly recommend your service to my friends, and the clarity you have on each case and the dedication to get things done on time are the highlights.

    You guys are really awesome – we wanted to convey our thanks to your entire organization.


  • First, many many thanks from my all family for getting of B2 VISA under your counseling.

    We had faced so many problems to getting B2 VISA and you easily solved, now no limits to our joyness after getting the B2 VISA.

    After several conversation over phone, mail and meeting with you we confident for B2 VISA interview. You helped us to genuinely and perfectly present our facts to the consulate.

    I will appreciate you and your work always!


  • I had lost all hopes on my mothers B2 (tourist visa) as this was the 5th attempt. But after hiring Murthy firm in India, there was no looking back. They were very professional and confident about she getting visa and prepared her till the last moment.They were always available and very prompt in their services.Counseling sessions were very effective in preparing my mother to present all the facts cearly at the visa interview. She eventually she got 10 year Multiple entry visa. I am very thankful to all their attorneys.

    Pittsburgh PA