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MIS – you are the best!!


“Big Kudos to the entire team of MIS, India and a HUGE THANKS to our attorney for his exemplary assistance with my visa application. A perfect score on all and every front including  knowledge, service, professionalism, dedication,  and patience. I fall short of words in expressing my sincerest appreciation to the team’s highest quality of service in every step of the visa process.  To have such a dedicated team by your side, make a lot of difference!! The peace of mind and the personal attention that the team provides is fantastic! My highest rating and recommendations for Murthy Immigration Services (MIS)! ~ SC



We had a great and satisfied service from Murthy Immigration firm on my in laws visitor visa processing.
They handled the case very professionally and guided us in the right direction since their visa was rejected TWICE before.
Our decision to choose Murthy firm didn't disappoint us even a single moment. Their paper work was amazing.
My in laws were so confident while going for the interview and its all because of the clear expectations set by the attorneys.

Senthil & Aniksha


As you are aware my wife had received her Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and was waiting for the priority date(PD)  to become current. Recently the PD progressed and my wife received her Permanent Resident Card a few days ago. I want to send this testimonial to your office and offer my thanks. We all are extremely grateful for your timely email two years ago when the wait time and priority dates progressed forward dramatically. Only because of that email, sent to us (it was long after our consultation with your office), was this all possible. Words cannot express the monumental impact you have had in our lives! Thank you once again for all your help!



If you ask me a sure shot way of getting your visa stamped other than counting on luck I would have only one name – Murthy Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd. (MISPL). No exaggeration involved here. I approached them for assistance with my F1 visa and my wife's F2. Being in the IT firm for 5 years in India, and taking my wife along with me almost everyone said that getting the visa to the US is near to impossible. And these people made the impossible possible by helping us present honest and clear information on the forms! Right from the mails to phone calls to mock interviews to assisting our zillion doubts with all the patience in the world you cannot hope to find a better Law Firm. I have been to other consultancies for tourist purposes and also approached a few for our visa purpose as well, but none of them comes close to the unparalleled dedication and experience MISPL offers you. The entire team in Chennai was helping us throughout with our forms, the documents we needed to submit and the questions. They left no stone un-turned. And a special mention definitely goes to our Attorney who takes care of every minute detail in your case to ensure all information is accurately presented, things which even you would have forgotten or skipped. Thanks a lot MISPL. This testimonial is the least justice I could do to the assistance you guys have rendered us.  You guys are the reason my wife and I are in the U.S. and of course God’s grace as well :)

Name Withheld on Client Request


While my wife and I have traveled to the US and lived there on a number of occasions including a formal education - We were challenged with a very unique situation. We had applied for a Green Card during our previous stay which he had subsequently withdrawn when we decided to move back. And when my wife had to apply for her F1 visa to pursue her Doctoral studies; she would have been challenged to prove her nonimmigrant intent. And while we completely adhered to all procedures from time to time - this situation was totally an uncalled for in our case and hence we decided to take help from Murthy Immigration Services. Our Attorney understood our situation patiently and quickly commented that we had a greater chance of success if we handled well the interview and the documentation. Also, he quickly put our inhibitions to rest by having us focus on the process than on the outcome. He asked us to remain positive and focus on the grand narrative for Doctoral studies, the reasons of our return to India during our previous stay and why going back was part of that narrative. It was those subtle tips that helped us overcome our inhibitions and pursue the process more positively. I would certainly recommend Murthy Immigration Services any day and encourage you to avail these services if there is even the slightest of the doubts in your mind on how to approach the process.



The MISPL team in Chennai provided us with outstanding support for my aunt to obtain her visa to visit the US. My elderly aunt's case is complex and the attorney and his team spared no effort in guiding us to prepare all the required documentation to submit for review to the US Embassy. In addition our Attorney and his team dedicated time to prepare my aunt for her interview, which was challenging as my aunt is hard of hearing. While it was clear from the start that my aunt might not be given a visa, with the team's steadfast support and guidance we were fortunate that she was given a visa to visit the US. We owe the entire team a debt of gratitude for all their efforts. I highly recommend Murthy India for assistance with US Visas.

Awesome service Murthy India!!!


Murthy India (MISPL) need a special thanks for employing exceptional lawyers. They were a great team who pulled me out of virtual nightmare I went through while on a visit to India recently in July, 2015. I was held up in India due to an inadvertent error of Indian authorities who had cancelled my passport erroneously, on account of which, I had to obtain a new passport and U.S. visa. To solve my new visa application and visa interview was an uphill task so I hired MISPL who took personal interest in my case and helped me out through the entire process patiently they were very meticulous and detailed they took care of my case I hired them on August 3rd and my visa was approved on August 11th. In this short span of time, I am amazed MISPL has hired such exceptional lawyers who are so dedicated and disciplined. Appreciate it! MISPL Rocks! Dr. Sai Thumsi



I was a green card holder in the US since 2005 and had to suddenly leave the US due to personal circumstances. I did not really want go back and establish my residency again in US which led to losing my residency status in the US. However, since my daughter was born in US, I wanted to be able to visit the US for briefly with her and be able to keep her connected to her roots. Due to the complexity of my situation, I was not aware on how to go about this whole ordeal. Of course, there is a lot of information available online, however, it is not very useful or rather there is no right or wrong answer. Eventually, I knew I would have to consult an immigration attorney who had in-sight and in-depth knowledge in handling such cases. My first choice without any doubt was Murthy Immigration Services. As far as I can remember, I have referred to testimonials, FAQs, from Murthy website since 1998, i.e. the year my husband and I moved to the US. In my knowledge, they are one of the most highly reputed, trustworthy firm who give you accurate, honest, and valid advise as applicable. I have worked with the attorney & the manager at the Chennai branch. From the start to end of providing the service, I have been given very clear, transparent advise relating to giving up my green card status and obtaining a B1/B2 visa. I would highly recommend them to anybody who is looking for immigration related advise. Even in terms of helping me gather my documents together, preparing for the interview, in-person consultation, they are very proactive. I am very pleased to say that only by availing their consulting services, I was able to get a clear picture on how to go about the whole process relating to my US visa & Green card surrender.

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