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Alok Mishra


I worked recently with you - Murthy Immigration Services (MIS) for assisting me for B1 Visa. I'm writing to let you know MIS provided highly competent, professional and timely support. Your expertise resulted in a seamless and fast resolution for me.  I appreciate your responsiveness and professional attitude.  I felt like you really took ownership and stayed with me until it was completed.  I would like to say BIG THANK YOU for excellent assistance. I spoke to other immigration services before opting for MIS. The only reason I opted for your MIS is you are highly professional & took ownership of my case. Further, step by step guidance did make my task easier. I would highly recommend MIS to anyone for immigration services. MIS is BEST.

Vishnu Banka, USA


It was such a pleasure working with Murthy India. They helped us with the process for our H1B and H4 renewals with one renewal at the US consulate in Switzerland. They knew exactly what was needed and guided us through-out the process. They were very responsive to all our emails and calls. I would definitely recommend them to all.



Yesterday, I told my manager and HR about the details of how I was able to come to back to US only because I was lucky enough to hire Murthy Immigration Services to handle my immigration case. I have also spoken to a lot of my friends, and told them about how everything went smoothly at the Consulate and all I had to do was provide the legal memorandum prepared by your firm. Everyone around me is pleasantly surprised by the turn of events. The entire credit for this goes to yourself for having the knowledge of the complexities of immigration law (which even experienced lawyers in big firms employed by my company did not possess) and the dedication with which you worked on my case, constantly thinking about it on weekends and even at the last moment.  I would always be grateful for the help you have provided and will make it a point to constantly spread the good word about the excellent quality of immigration services that have been provided by Murthy Immigration India. -Thanks once again for all the help



It gives me immense pleasure to be in a position to draft this letter to you. My wife and I believe, that the case wouldn't have been won if not for your dedication and commitment. For the service availed, you could have just completed my waiver package and be done with it. But you went extra mile every time to secure this success. The quality and dedication to service is second to none. Without exaggeration, I have asked you 200+ questions and you answered everyone of them patiently as if it were the first. You never gave me false hopes, you never told that the case could be expedited or that my waiver would be approved.... but that is what I really needed to know. I also admire how you never missed a follow-up date. I would trace the mail and would be flabbergasted to see how many times you have contacted the consulate at reasonable intervals.  How do you do it for every case? Not only you, but MLF, USA too, reviewed my case without additional cost. We could have tried Nunc Pro Tunc for an additional fee but you both insisted on not going that path with my welfare in mind. The firm's reputation precedes its name not without a reason and with such a like you - ethical, compassionate and unambiguous- in the team, the success stories will never be a thing of past!


 Ohio, USA

Dear MISPL Team, I would like to share our experience working with you during the Visa process It's the friendliness/care that you showed during the process is most important aspect which we liked a lot [even my parents-in-law mentioned the same]. Your timing and punctuality is very much appreciated. Especially, our discussions during late nights in USA [EST] which helped me a lot because of the time zone difference. The entire process went so smooth with all the emails/phone & the way of training visa candidates is done with extreme diligence. Finally I would like to appreciate the constant effort which all of you have taken to accomplish what has been committed to us. A big thank you for making our dream come true !!!


 Columbus, OH

"We approached Murthy India after my mother's visitor visa was rejected multiple times. The attorney assigned to the case did a great job from initial consultation. She is very knowledgeable, honest, attentive to detail, very professional and never missed an email or any question we had. Even though my mom has very limited knowledge of Tamil and can only speak Telugu our client services manager made sure my mother understood the interview process, the counseling sessions really helped her prep for the actual interview. I am really glad we had access to such knowledgeable team to guide us when we felt our hope is almost lost. Thanks Murthy Immigration Services for all you did with my mother’s case and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. You guys ROCK!!"



Murthy Immigration Services has done an immensely great job in getting my mother’s visitor’s visa approved. Her visa was rejected twice and we could not comprehend the reason behind the rejections. Just when we were about to lose hope, I got to know about Murthy Law Firm’s affiliate in India from the Internet. I gave them a call for initial consultation. The firm’s conduct was highly professional, and also polite and approachable, from the very beginning. Our attorney, was very attentive to every intricate detail that we mentioned. He was easily accessible over phone and was very prompt in replying to all my emails. He was also very efficient in suggesting ways to present our facts that was both simple and effective. The document arrangement, appointment scheduling and the other day to day communications were handled by our client manager,  who was also highly productive with a lot of valuable inputs and  also helped my mother familiarize with the whole interview process, step by step. I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to our attorney, our client manager and the firm as a whole, for making this visa approval a possibility for my mother. And I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for help. These guys know exactly what they are doing!


 Herndon, VA

We wanted to get my wife's aunt( who is very closely attached to her) to US, for this summer and spend some time with us. She went to US consulate in Hyderabad twice in short span of time difference and got rejected with the reason that authorities are not convinced of her return from US. We had all the supporting documents and reasons to prove that she will return to India after visit to US. That is when we suggested to our family in India to approach Murthy India for legal help. That decision seems like master stroke, when aunt got her visitor visa approved recently. The Attorney handling the case and other members of legal team, did a very thorough preparation of application and documents to support aunt’s case. Along with that, they guided our aunt in such a way to present her case to Immigration officer positively. Their meticulous preparation and guidance combined with support, ensured success in this case. We are extremely happy with their legal service, will not hesitate to recommend to people, looking for legal help in immigration process. Hats off to Chennai team for staying up to the reputation of their parent organization ( Murthy Law Firm) in US.

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