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Pravin Shah


As informed to you on telephone, my wife as been given US Visa. We have received the passport stamped with 10 years multiple entry visa. I am really thankful to you for all the guidance and advise in this case. Your advice has been really fruitful. I am quite satisfied with your services and would definitely recommend you to others. Most of the questions asked were from the questions suggested by you. Once again thanking you,


 Bangalore, India

I have experienced your service to be very helpful in the following areas: 1. A level of understanding that all information provided to remain confidential. 2. Proper assistance was provided by you to present information that is right (truth) and no manipulation of data. 3. List of all documents necessary to submit when asked for. This has helped us a lot in getting documents ready and be prepared to submit any document asked for. 4. The most useful service was attending Counseling meeting before going to the interview. This gave me an idea to respond properly and casually without getting tensed. On the whole, your service provided confidence that we have done the best and have prepared whatever could be done from our side. I am very thankful to you since we have got three visas stamped through your wonderful service. Thanking you for all your support.


 Texas, USA

My mother's US visitor visa case was a tricky one because she is a single parent and both my sister and I were settled in the US. We were very sad when she was denied the visitor visa during her first attempt. With the help of Murthy Immigration Services Private limited, we were able to showcase her ties to India, establish that she had no immigrant intent, and also coach her for the visa interview. She successfully received the 10 year multiple entry visa during her second attempt. Throughout the process, everybody we worked with was extremely professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable about the visa process. I strongly recommend Murthy Immigration Services Private limited


 Maryland, USA

I made the correct decision of hiring Murthy Immigration Services (MIS) to help me with my H1 Visa. My case is complicated and I had little hope that i will return back to US. But MIS helped me in the entire document preparation process and gave me confidence i can do it. Services offered by MIS is professional and highly ethical. No false claims were made in any of the documentation prepared. Though the charge is little higher i could reach the MIS at anytime. I would like to thank their friendly support staff. I would recommend MIS for US Visa related consultations. Thank you for your Help.


 New Jersey, USA

I am glad that I hired Murthy Immigration Services, Pvt. Ltd. (MIS) to help me obtain the visa for my in-laws. My mother-in-law's case was complicated and it was heartbreaking to think she might never be able to visit her daughter in U.S. MIS guided us every step of the way. They helped with the required documentation and prepared my in-laws for the interview. They never made false claims, but they prepared the case in the most effective way. Both of my in-laws obtained their B-2 visas. Thank you, MIS!


 Texas, USA

I really liked the service from Murthy Immigration Services, Pvt. Ltd (MIS). in Chennai , India . Though the charge was a little higher, the service was very good and I could reach them at any time. They were most helpful and paid attention to every detail. I definitely recommend the services of MIS.

Y K Somasekhar

 Chennai, India

Many, many thanks to Murthy Immigration Services, Pvt. Ltd. (MIS) for making life easier for me at the visa counter! As was predicted by MIS, the questions were purely on my personal issues, but because of their experience in this area and their preparation of the forms, I knew what to expect and my exchange with the officer was most pleasant. They made suggestions that did not occur to me on my own, but that made all the difference to my successful outcome! I once again thank them for the wonderful service they rendered to me. I am thrilled. I look forward to future oppurtunities to interact with MIS!

Deepa & Ashish

 Virginia, USA

We approached Murthy Immigration Services, Pvt. Ltd. (MIS) when my mother was planning on applying for a visa the second time. She was refused a visa the first time. ...I am so grateful to MIS for all the advice and support throughout the documentation procedure. They were very proactive and prompt in mailing me back and forth during the entire procedure. I believe my mother was granted a visa this time because the documentation prepared by MIS was so perfect. Excellence, not just perfection, is what they strive to achieve and such service is highly commendable. I recommend that all my friends and relatives consult with Murthy Immigration Services, Pvt. Ltd.

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