Importance of Non-Immigrant Visa Application Form DS160

Subscribers to MurthyIndiaBulletin and regular visitors to MurthyIndiaDotCom are aware that the non-immigrant visa application form DS160 is to be duly completed and submitted prior to scheduling a visa interview. This form collects critical data about the visa applicant and most of this information along with other factors is used by the visa officers to understand the applicant’s background and make a decision on the application for visa.

As we have always reiterated in our earlier articles, it is very important to ensure accurate and up-to-date information is provided on this application form. Some common mistakes includes not choosing the appropriate consular post, not mentioning about immediate relatives in the United States, skipping past employment experience, education, visa refusal or offences. It is important that the applicant him/herself reviews each item on this form as s/he is solely responsible for the facts stated on the form. Since this form is executed under penalty of perjury of law, any wrong or misleading information provided on the form DS160 could lead to a permanent ineligibility from entering the United States.

Further choosing a different consulate from the one in which you intent to apply for a visa, in some instances, could cause delay in the application process. A recent update on the official U.S. visa information service website of the U.S. mission in India reiterates this specific requirement for applicants from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Odisha, planning an application from Chennai.

Attorneys at Murthy Immigration Services value and understand the requirements and help applicants to honestly and diligently provide clear and relevant information on the visa application form DS160 to maximize possibility of a successful application.